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Planting of Conifers

The Tools, the Technique, the Maintenance

Planting of conifers


    1. Shovel/rake
    2. Gloves for gardening
    3. Watering can
    4. Ground bone
    5. Professional Soil
    6. Cedar mulch
    7. Coniferous fertilizers


            1. Make a planting hole with a diameter twice larger than the roots diameter of the tree and of equal depth. Add Professional Soil and Coniferous fertilizers including a ground bone.
            2. After removing the pot, place the plant in the center of the hole. Check the level of the soil which must be equal to that of the root ball or maybe just a little higher. Fill the hole with professional soil care to compact the soil well up to two-thirds of the depth. Water abundantly.
              After complete absorption of the water , finish the filling the hole with professional soil.
            3. To ensure better recovery, the water retention at the foot of the tree is forced by making the holes 5 to 10 cm on the perimeter. Sprinkle again by filling the bowl.
            4. When the water is infiltrated into the soil, add to the soil surface around the plant a cedar mulch 7 to 8 cm thick.

Maintenance during the year of planting

Maintain regular watering, without soaking the soil. Allow to dry between watering to a depth of about 5 cm.
Do not forget winter protection in the autumn, will be taken off in the spring (mid-April). Choose a day not sunny in order to avoid the first sun rays!
In the second year, add fertilizer for conifers from mid-May onwards. Repeat application mid-June and Mid-July for complete fertilization.